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Our experience is based on working with brands like:

Media investments

Track and optimize your media spend and competition. From reach and frequency to ROI, visualize your investments across channels, aiding strategic decisions.

SEO investments

Illuminate your SEO strategy’s impact. Our dashboards encompass everything from keyword rankings, progress to organic traffic, guiding your SEO investments wisely.

Customer journey

From brand equity to e-commerce conversion rates, monitor your performances for each and every funnel. Get real-time insights to enhance performance and drive sales.

Our team combines specialized knowledge with a steadfast commitment to clarity in every dashboard we create. We meticulously tailor each dashboard to display the most relevant KPIs, ensuring they align with your strategic goals and contractual obligations. Our approach sets us apart: we involve decision-makers at the board level in dashboard design and implementation, fostering stronger, more productive vendor relationships. Resulting in superior outcomes. 


Strategic insight through unified data

Our methodology involves integrating diverse data sources into a cohesive, user-friendly dashboard. We have 400+ integrations ready to g. We leverage open-source platforms and innovative technology to bring together digital data and insights. From custom API integrations with vendors to combining data from ERP and CRM systems, we create a central hub for all your KPIs. This unified approach allows for comprehensive monitoring and insightful decision-making, tailored to your business needs.

What our customers say

F. van Doorn


Thank you, MediaBuddies, for your exceptional management of our MarCom activities. Your support is driving our pursuit of excellence and making a significant impact.

J. Bijkerk


We are highly satisfied with MediaBuddies' ongoing services. Their dedication to making our media projects successful has resulted in a smooth and efficient process. Thank you, MediaBuddies, for your exceptional efforts

J. Wesselink


Our partnership with MediaBuddies has been marked by transparency and commitment. Their deep understanding of our business and consistent fulfillment of commitments significantly contribute to our objectives. The team's expertise is a key factor in our ongoing success.

What you can expect when you work with us


Dynamic insights, actionable decisions

Our approach is ‘Dynamic dashboards tell better stories than static reports.’ Our dashboards breathe life into data, weaving it into a clear narrative. By blending various data sources, like live media metrics and AI tools, we provide a vibrant, real-time overview. We guide you in decoding these lively data flows, aiding smart, proactive MarCom management. You’re equipped to lead, turning data into compelling business stories.

Most frequently asked questions

Our dashboards are highly versatile and can integrate a wide range of data types, including real-time social media metrics, SEO and website performance data, Ai tool outputs, ERP and CRM data, and more. We customize each dashboard to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Absolutely. We understand that different levels of management require different data insights. Our dashboards are tailored to suit the specific information needs of various roles, from operational teams needing detailed data to executives requiring high-level overviews.

Absolutely, board-level members are actively involved in your projects and are available to you, ensuring top-tier expertise and oversight in every project for maximum effectiveness.

We focus on building strong, collaborative relationships with vendors, emphasizing clear communication, mutual goals, and regular performance evaluations for continual improvement. We guarantee impartiality and fairness, which are secured by our fair-play principles. 

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