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Our experience is based on working with brands like:

Media audit

A comprehensive analysis of your media investments, ensuring alignment with your business objectives. Improve the performance and transparency of your media investments.

SEO audit

Our detailed analysis of tech, investments (like backlinks and content) and many other SEO factors, help you identify next steps. Hit & maintain top 3 positions in search. 

Tech audit

Our tech audit services provide a comprehensive analysis of your online infrastructure and assets, ensuring that your owned media are secure, fast, and user-friendly. 

How healthy are your media and digital investments?
We merge the expertise of our in-house dedicated experts, with a focus on transparency and brand health, while managing towards relevant KPIs and preserving contract compliance. Our expertise and board level involvement sets us apart. Delivering measurable and superior outcomes, open communication based on relevant benchmarks and actionable next steps


An audit as part of a healthy relation

We believe that audits can be an essential part of a healthy business relationship and not only respect your current vendors and keep everyone informed at all times, but also aim to empower partnerships. Our transparent approach ensures that you receive actionable next steps and measurable results. We aim to achieve your business objectives and improve your bottom line while preserving the relationship with your vendor.

What our customers say

F. van Doorn


Thank you, MediaBuddies, for your exceptional management of our MarCom activities. Your support is driving our pursuit of excellence and making a significant impact.

J. Bijkerk


We are highly satisfied with MediaBuddies' ongoing services. Their dedication to making our media projects successful has resulted in a smooth and efficient process. Thank you, MediaBuddies, for your exceptional efforts

J. Wesselink


Our partnership with MediaBuddies has been marked by transparency and commitment. Their deep understanding of our business and consistent fulfillment of commitments significantly contribute to our objectives. The team's expertise is a key factor in our ongoing success.

What you can expect when you work with us


From data collection to actionable insights

Our audit process begins with comprehensive data collection, followed by rigorous analysis and interpretation by our expert team. We provide actionable insights and recommendations that optimize your business operations, while ensuring transparency and sound financial decisions. Our goal is to empower you to achieve your business objectives.

Most frequently asked questions

We can customize our reporting to your needs. From PowerPoint to sophisticated dashboards, providing detailed, data-driven insights for informed decision-making and strategy refinement. 

Absolutely, board-level members are actively involved in your projects and are available to you, ensuring top-tier expertise and oversight in every project for maximum effectiveness.

We focus on building strong, collaborative relationships with vendors, emphasizing clear communication, mutual goals, and regular performance evaluations for continual improvement. We guarantee impartiality and fairness, which are secured by our fair-play principles. 

Yes. Our audits can be best compared with an ultra high resolution photo. With unrivaled zoom-in options. Once the next steps of the audit are identified, MediaBuddies is able to use such a high resolution photo, as the starting frame of a progress improvement program. With our excellent dashboards our customers are able to put a control center in play, to track and monitor the audit follow-up.

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