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Organic Performance

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” – Les Brown

Search Engine Optimization: Organic Performance

How can we boost your SEO performance?

Search engine optimization is the practice of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website or page by using the free results from search engines like Google or Yahoo. SEO targets free of charge traffic instead of paid advertising. A good SEO performance is a result of a solid SEO optimization approach.

It is our role to help you improve your SEO performance. First and foremost we understand the latest algorithms used by the search engines. As we understand how for example, Google creates the ranking, we understand what we need to do to improve your performance.

Main performance drivers

Today we identify 3 key areas determining your organic digital performance, which are: Technology, Content and Endorsement. We have in-house experts in every arena.
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Your online assets (for example your website) needs to be technically compatible. The Page Authority is partly determined by page speed, load times, site age etc.


Periodical publishing of well structured quality content is fundamental to SEO succes. Based on a well structured data driven content-calendar, we push and track your SEO performance.


From Linkbuilding, Reviews to Guest blogs, Endorsement is all about creating inbound connections. The process of establishing links to a website (link building) is relevant to SEO.

A farmers game. From seeding to harvesting

SEO takes commitment, quality, continuity based on data driven insights to boost performance. An agricultural analogy is applicable. SEO requires proper seeding & planting and the SEO crops need time, nutrition & attention. Returns are usually harvested over a longer period of time and can provide revenue for months if not years to come. Based on a strategic and continuous process, we believe SEO can be one of the most rewarding marketing funnels.


First we need to be well informed and conduct proper due diligence related to a) Keywords, b) Competition and 3) Technology. The output is a report containing valuable input for the website structure, required content and (new) marketing insights for the customer journey. We identify a plan (calendar) that will boost your SEO performance.



A 50 points scan tells us to what extend a website or shop is technically ready for SEO. Page speed, load times, 404 pages, broken links, etc. The algorithms of for example Google are extremely smart. A mini site tech audit reviews your online assets and our development team is available to make any required modifications, providing a turn-key solution. Additionally we can include assessing current content and UX.


When writing and/ or moderating a SEO oriented blog, our copywriter always starts from the keyword research, the competitive analysis and the discussed strategy. Our writers room consists of B2B, D2C and B2C copywriters. We think and write beyond simple promotional texts and come up with the necessary authentic content that is required to better perform. This content always connects seamlessly with your products or services.


Podcast & Videocast

Podcasts and Videocasts are enormously popular. We estimate global listener- and viewership will well exceed 400 million people by the end of this year. With top pod- and videocasts attracting mass audiences, there is a significant marketplace for B2B as well. Unlike broadcasting television and radio shows, online media is constantly accessible to specific target audiences. On top of that, such publications are highly valued by the search engines and therefore drive SEO performance. We work with in-house and external production teams, hosts and artists, depending on your requirements.

White Paper

A white paper is an overview or report that offers a concise explanation of a complex matter. It is designed to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision and therefore this is a great SEO instrument. Content can come in many forms. Interviewing your customer, your team or maybe even using the input for a knowledge bank.



From Linkbuilding, Reviews to Guest blogs, Endorsement is all about creating inbound connections. There are many ways to establish inbound traffic. The list of options is industry and client driven. We traditionally include reviews, customers, suppliers and other elements we can incorporate in a funnel and customer journey.

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