Sell like Hot Dogs!

Sell quickly and scale your business by using the broad reach of the various MPC’s and funnels.
From Amazon, Bol, eWorldTrade, Google Shopping to affiliate marketing.

Markets: the digital “Grand Bazar”

How can we boost your sales?

Documented examples of zones dedicated to trade have been found in Middle Eastern, Asian and European cities from 3000BCE. Today we have no need to leave the house or office for shopping. Food, Fast MovingGoods, Services even Consumer Durables, all purchased online.

It is our role to help you improve your sales performance. First and foremost we understand the latest algorithms used by the market places. Use our expertise to outperform your competition.

Sales drivers

Marketplaces (MPC’s), the ultimate sales funnel.
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Sell more

We help you sell more, both via marketplaces as well as affiliate marketing. Turn traffic in to sales. Both for established products as well as launches. We are your sales consultant.


Regular and real time reporting helps you to keep track of your sales results, inventory. We connect your ERP systems and monitor each funnel, ranking and ROI daily.


Support your e-commerce activities with advertising, tracked per funnel. Set-up an affiliate campaign or advertise on Amazon. Let our experts help you navigate the MPC’s.


We can approach your customers both directly (via Amazon, Google Shopping etc), and/ or indirectly (via affiliate marketing). The main objective is to use the enormous reach market platforms to your benefit. Promote and sell your products by solid in-platform campaigns, tailored to your brands & product ranges.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, a power funnel. This refers to an arrangement in which publishers & affiliates receive a commission for each visit, sign-up, or sale they create. Basically extending your sales force. This type of revenue-based marketing, creates a low risk high potential ROI funnel. The commission acts as an incentive for the affiliate; this commission is usually a percentage of the product’s price, but can also be a fixed cost per referral. We will create powerful campaigns, enabling publishers to create your success.



Use online marketplaces to reach customers who want to purchase your products and services. MPC’s like Bol, Google Shopping and Amazon. Transactions are processes by the MPC and depending on the set-up, fulfilled either by you directly or the MPC. Use the scale and reach of the platforms. Let us help you increase the position in the MPC’s and boost your overal sales by pro-active management.


Depending on the set-up your webshop (or ERP) can be the technical back-bone of all your digital sales. Where most of our stores are developed in WooCommerce, we use a variety of tools to seamlessly integrate e-commerce activities on the various networks. From Stock management to sales monitoring. We also build with Nopcommerce or Shopify. Visit your tracking module to monitor each and every sales funnel. See what works, what we need to boost and learn more about your customer.

We continue where others stop. E-commerce does only start when the webshop is build. Data driven insights at your finger tips. From the abandoned cart funnel, exit funnel to re-targeting.

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