The Myth of Content Indexing: why your Content Might Not Make the Google Cut”

“Even high-quality content offers no guarantee of indexing.”

This statement by John Mueller of Google sent a minor shockwave through the world of content marketers. After all that hard work and effort, how can you have no assurance that your content will be indexed?

We’ve been adjusting the strategy with our clients for months now. It’s anything but surprising. According to Google’s 2019 annual report, Google encounters a staggering 25 million spammy pages… per day. You read that right: 25 million! That’s 25 million potential pieces of content vying for the same spot in the search engine index. We see SEO as one of the many relevant customer journeys, so we pay a lot of attention to it.

The Overabundance of ‘So-So’ Content

Someone notable in the industry once put it as: “what we ‘content dump’”, aptly describing the prevalent presence of ‘so-so’ content on the web. Especially now, with all Ai created SEO content, we’re quick to say: “But it’s unique content!” or “It adds value to the web.” However, in most cases, if we’re honest, the information is already available online numerous times, albeit in different words.

Do we not believe in content anymore?

On the contrary, our advice is certainly not to stop publishing content but to choose quality and combine this with a host of other tactics, to become #1 with the most relevant keywords. Quality will always outweigh quantity, and in the current digital landscape, it’s vital that your content provides value and relevance to your readers.

Key Facts at a Glance:

  • 25 million spammy pages per day
  • The tendency to believe that unique content is always valuable
  • The reality that much information is already available online numerous times

The Cost for Google and the Importance of Quality

Data isn’t free. For every piece of content that Google stores, there’s a price tag: data centers, software, hardware, electricity, and much more. Read more about the technology behind Google here. (Internal link) Just imagine Google having indexed 319,000,000 apple pie recipes. Why on earth so many?

The Path to Successful Content

So, how do you ensure your content gets indexed? The key is to become the “Bear Grylls” of your niche. Why? Because when the renowned outdoor specialist posts a survival recipe online, it’s instantly noticed and indexed. This highlights the shift from SEO being a game of mass-producing content and buying low-quality links to focusing on quality, reputation, and value.


Yes, the journey to online visibility might seem daunting, but it’s certainly achievable. It requires perseverance, passion, and patience. I can attest that it’s worth it. After two years of hard work, I’m satisfied with our results, as we see with several of our online assets, often securing the number 1 positions.

And, interestingly enough, the bulk of our business now comes through channels other than SEO. People now want to work with us because they appreciate our expertise in various customer journeys and a strategic approach to online success.

Thus, if you’re serious about online marketing, focus on building your reputation and brand with high-quality content, spread across various channels.

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The Myth of Content Indexing: why your Content Might Not Make the Google Cut”


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