Decoding the shadows:
Transparency and the backlink industry
Webinar 28-3-2024 @14h00

Choose wisely, for the right agency can turn visions into accelerated performance.

MediaBuddies is an expert in vendor selection, management and audits.

Exclusively for end-point clients / advertisers
This webinar will be conducted in Dutch (Nederlands webinar)


Webinar Backlink Q1 2024

Our experience is based on working with brands like:

Current status

Explore the backlink industry’s landscape, uncovering hidden practices and their impacts on SEO and digital marketing effectiveness

Best practice

Learn about backlink strategies, focusing on natural link building, quality sourcing, and best practices for sustainable SEO success.

Vendor mgt

Gain insights on selecting and managing backlink vendors for optimum quality, transparency and understand how our expertise can help.

We will cover the above mentioned topics from an audit, development and transparency perspective. Questions we will answer: 

Why are backlinks important for SEO and my online presence? 
What is a backlink trader, how do they operate, does Google approve?
What factors determine the quality of a backlink?
What are the risks, can I get penalties?
How does backlinking differ for B2B versus B2C websites?
How can I audit my backlinks?
Ai and backlinks, what to expect?

And many more…


Join us on 28-3-2024 @ 14h00

Exclusive webinar

This webinar is dedicated to unraveling the complexities of the backlink industry. Exclusively for advertisers and end-point users. We’ll cover the current state of the industry, backlink strategies, (lack of) transparency, and the best practices in backlink vendor selection and management. Our focus will be at improving backlink investments. This is an invaluable opportunity for advertisers to gain insights and practical knowledge for making informed decisions.

What our customers say

F. van Doorn


Thank you, MediaBuddies, for your exceptional management of our MarCom activities. Your support is driving our pursuit of excellence and making a significant impact.

J. Bijkerk


We are highly satisfied with MediaBuddies' ongoing services. Their dedication to making our media projects successful has resulted in a smooth and efficient process. Thank you, MediaBuddies, for your exceptional efforts

J. Wesselink


Our partnership with MediaBuddies has been marked by transparency and commitment. Their deep understanding of our business and consistent fulfillment of commitments significantly contribute to our objectives. The team's expertise is a key factor in our ongoing success.

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Our commitment to you

Having worked in over 50 markets globally, we bring a symphony of worldwide wisdom to your media pitches, vendor management and audits. Our clients benefit from our vast experience, working from blue chip to medium sized companies. Our uniqueness is amplified by our dedicated in-house tech team, which enables us to bring innovation and customization. We work with the latest tech and trends. We’re not just keeping pace with the industry – we’re setting the standards

Most frequently asked questions

This webinar is free because we at MediaBuddies believe in empowering advertisers and end-point users with knowledge. Our goal is to foster informed decision-making in the industry, and this session is a commitment to that philosophy. There’s no catch, just valuable insights.

As an advertiser, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge about the backlink industry’s integrity, understand how to navigate the challenges of vendor selection, and learn strategies for ethical backlink acquisition. This can significantly enhance the effectiveness and ROI of your digital marketing efforts.

After the webinar, attendees will have the option to receive additional resources and support. We respect your privacy and handle your data with utmost care. We only use your data to offer you the chance to explore more about our Backlink Agency Pitch and Vendor Management products. Your participation is entirely voluntary, and we never sell your data.

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Webinar Backlink Q1 2024